Solo Show:

1992 “Tools”, Space 2 gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

1994 “Culture Empire”, American Institute in Taiwan”, Taipei, Taiwan.

1995 “Reading Sculpture”, Eight floor gallery, New York.

1997 “Humanity”, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.  

1998 “Taiwan Study”, Cultural Affairs Department of Taiwan Provincial Government, Taiwan.

1999 " Alternative Study", Eslite bookstore, Taiwan.

2000 “U.S.A v.s China”, 18st art complex, Santa Monica,USA

2003 ‘Reading Sculpture---culture warrior”, Frederieke Taylor gallery, New York.

2005 “Reading  Sculpture----Kid project”, Mass MOCA kidspace.

2006 “Reading Sculpture---Culture Warrior”, Plum Blossom gallery, Hong Kong.

2008  “Continental Express”  Frederieke Taylor gallery, New York

2010  "Icon & Idea", Plum Blossom gallery, Hong Kong.


Group Show:

1993 “Curious Structures”, Visual Art Gallery, New York.

1994 “The Entering Show of Taipei Fine Arts Museum Biannual”, Taipei.

1995 “A Dialogue of Contemporary Sculpture In Asia”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei. “obCkession”, TZ’art & co, New York.“Triennial der Kleinplastik 1995, Europ --Ostaien”, Suttgart, Germany.

1996 “Our Deities”, ISE Art Foundation, New York.

1997 “Feast of Mind, Buffet of Art”, Fubon Art Foundation, Taipei.

1998 “New Voices: Contemporary art Dialogue Among Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai”, National   Taiwan Arts Education Institute, Taipei, Hong Kong .

1998  “Osaka Triennale 1998—Sculpture”, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka.

1999   “Volume & Form Singapore 1999”, Singapore City, National Library, Singapore.

2001   “Absolut---2001Los Angeles International, Biennial Art Invitational”, Robert Berman Gallery,     Santa Monica, U.S.A

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