I have always been intrigued by the undeniable connection humanity has with the natural world. The demonstration of nature extending beyond its own limits and adapting to a man-made concrete world, tells a story often overlooked. Through my art, my intention is to evoke our society with a feeling of admiration of our surroundings as well as an awareness of how our world is gradually dissolving into extinction.

The medium I sculpt my flowers is as common as a blooming milkweed found on the side of a country road. Caulking, a construction product that serves as a seal and prevents unwanted elements from penetrating into the moister-sensitive inner structure of a building. Like a flower that is mostly sought for its temporary beauty and underestimated for the greater purpose it serves in creation; caulking is also viewed as an esthetic feature rather than its authentic function.  The use of this medium is used through my artwork and can be seen as the analogy of the  flowers in my art.

The motive in creating flowers as the building blocks of my art, root from the process of pollination in which the pollen is transported to a neighboring plant to create a new seed. My reflection is based on the reproductive cycle which allows us to admire the symbiotic relationship in nature that connects all living things. With this thought in mind, the final product is a jig-saw puzzle of flowers interlocking to form the bigger picture.

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